Mobee launches his blog - with courage and apprehension

Welcome ! 2017 marks a new milestone for Mobee. To continue this momentum, we decided to launch our blog. So you will wonder why you thought of launching this blog? Why is a start-up in a sector so innovative and complex launched in the creation of a blog? What might the topics be? Which address ?

This is what you will discover through this first article of the launch of the blog.

Mobee is above all an adventure, and this blog is the simple continuity of this adventure. We want to talk to everybody. The objective? Simple. Participate in changing attitudes and habits.

Sharing versus Possessing

The 21st century marks the advent of new technologies, the Internet age and a radical change in human relations. Here you will find themes related to new environmental, social and societal issues. Sure, it sounds complicated, but in reality it's not that complex; We will endeavor - and above all - to try to understand the new challenges we face.

But above all, and if we get to know each other? We are 3.

Nicolas, The manager: Intuitive, persevering and bold.

Nicolas has been managing and developing the service since its inception. Always attentive to its customers, it has managed to face the problems and it is partly thanks to its involvement that Mobee is today a full player in the Principality of Monaco

Zouhair, Le Jockey: Conscientious, voluntary and perfectionist. High level athlete (participation in the 2004 Olympics).

As the pillar of the project since its creation, Zouhair ensures the maintenance, distribution and repair of vehicles in the Principality.

Daniela, The versatile assistant: Smiling, creative and altruistic. Her passion: sport.

Arriving in 2015, Daniela takes an active part in the project management and development, hand in hand with the rest of the team.

Then, Presentation made. Are you ready to follow us in this new adventure?

The whole Mobee team is committed to making this new experience entertaining and, above all, playful, we never get to learn, because each day brings us lessons and experiences that enrich our lives, so why not make a part of it? Way together?

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