With Mobee, you can park your vehicle free of charge in Monaco!

On the street


You can park on the street for free. With Mobee, even if there is a parking meter, you don't have to pay!*
I locate and reserve my vehicle via my smartphone (15 min time allowance to pick up the vehicle).
I drive! And I end my rental with my badge!

*In compliance with parking regulations



Where & How not to park on the street:

Delivery locations, reserved places, in garages, etc.

An electric car charging station (Rue Grimaldi, Place des Moulins, Quai Jean-Cahrles Rey & Albert II - Fontvieille)

Parking like 2 wheels vehicle in 4 wheel parking spot

Park like a 4 wheels vehicle in 2 wheel parking spot

Partner parkings

You can park free of charge in one our 34 partnering car parks!

Our partner car parks