Mobee is the car-sharing service of the Principality of Monaco

30 véhicules

30 vehicles are available 24/7

and across the full territory of Monaco.

Libre service

Based on the principle of “free floating”

or self-servicing, it allows you to pick up

and return our vehicles anywhere in Monaco.

There is no designated center.


Take advantage of the free parking on-street

and in our 34 partnering parkings!

How to subscribe


Click on LOGIN/REGISTER and fill in your personal information in order to become a member


Accept the Terms & Conditions, set your login & password and choose your language preference


Take a Selfie, Upload your driving license (two-sided) and Check and/or Complete your personal data


Enter your bank information


Choose the most suitable subscription for your driving needs


Your account will be validated shortly and , upon request, you will be awarded a badge (conditional offer)

If you haven't already done so, download the App to have access to the vehicles !

Client Space

I locate and reserve my vehicle via my smartphone
(15 min to pick up the vehicle)

I start the vehicle with my smartphone or my badge*

I drive and end my rental with my smartphone or my badge
The rental started with the smartphone must be ended with the smartphone. The rental started with the badge must be ended with the badge

*It is possible to take a vehicle on the fly, without reservation and without the smartphone.